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My name is Bob Peters, I have been in the plumbing trade for 44 years. My career began literally in the trenches as an apprentice plumber for Local Union #1 in Brooklyn, NY, advancing to journeyman, and finally a foreman for Local 200 on Long Island NY. Then as a licensed Master Plumber I owned and operated a small business Plumbing Contracting firm for 12 years.
For the past 27 years I have worked as a full-time commercial plumbing estimator for two of the largest commercial plumbing contractors in the New York area; Par Plumbing Company and Botto Mechanical Corporation.
I have prepared and won numerous commercial plumbing bids ranging from $5,000 to over $10,000,000. I have extensive experience in all commercial plumbing systems including medical gas, hospital fixtures, high rise office and apartment buildings, retail stores and malls, schools, universities and industrial labs.
My background combined with a mindset to work to the best of my ability, enables me to produce professionally prepared and precise estimates leading to winning bids.


  • I will provide complete and detailed accurate costs of all materials and labor hours based on the plans and specs for you to submit a bid that is both precise and ready to bid.
  • Each estimate is prepared using Quickpen’s Autobid Mechanical estimating software along with a digitizer board for the utmost in takeoff accuracy and calculations.
  • State of the art computer hardware insures your bids are prepared efficiently and safely stored for future reference. Future revisions can be quickly made, updated and resubmitted for bid.
  • Phases, alternates, breakdowns of areas or floors can be sorted and reported separately
  • Costs increases in materials or labor for older bids can be updated for rebid
  • Material substitutions can be made for value engineering


  • Freeing up office space
  • Not needing to employ a full time estimator with benefits, insurance costs, etc.
  • Save you valuable time that you can spend on other important aspects of your business.
  • Relieve a busy bidding schedule on your estimator.
  • Use only when needed
  • Paying for time spent on your estimate only
  • Having a second look at an estimate you had completed already.
  • Whether you have a full time estimator or prepare your own bids you will benefit extensively from using an outside source


  • Have your quantity takeoff done only, a full count of all fixtures, equipment, pipe and fittings
  • Take off all pipe ,fittings and equipment with material costs and labor hours, leaving equipment quotes and subcontractor quotes up to you
  • A complete bid prepared with all costs involved including equipment, subs, etc.


  • You obtain plans and specs for an upcoming bid
  • Send copies of plans and specs to me via Fed-ex or scan and e-mail
  • Give me due date for completion
  • Send any addendums or revisions as necessary


  • A summary report showing all pipe, fittings, hangers, fixtures, drains etc contained in the bid project along with material costs and labor hours for installation
  • Additional reports can be furnished as necessary for Phases, alternates, buildings, etc. Systems can also be broken out such as sanitary waste & vent, domestic water, gas piping, etc.
  • A final bid summary showing all additional costs such as subcontractors, general conditions, supervision etc. which is on an excel document that you can make adjustments to and add overhead and profit. Your total bid price is automatically recalculated preventing mathematical errors.


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